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Cathy Scott

Author of 10 Books

Specializes in True Crime

Recommended reading from authors I know...

Set in the mid-1700s on the Great Plains, follow Lion Hunter as he struggles to become a man, being mentored by a one-eyed tribal witch, and an aging outcast.

You will feel as if you are living among this small band of American Indians. Michael O. Gibbs' stunning and breathtaking portrayals are raw in their depictions of survival in the wild, against man, beast, and nature.

David S. Larson

Can a CIA operative build a relationship with a Mossad Kidon assassin? In this behind-the-scenes thriller, follow Pantera, as he competes with and woos Kat - all the while they are on deadly assignments.

Much of this story is based on J. D. Wallace's personal experiences in covert operations, so buckle up, you're going to have one helluva wild ride.

David S. Larson

Cathy Scott is the author of over 10 non-fiction books, primarily in the true crime genre.


If you're interested in a crime reporter's insights into the criminal mind, with everything based on fact, you'll get your money's worth, that's for sure.

David S. Larson

My Life Adds Up is an apropos title for this memoir, the author a bookkeeper all his life. Journey through the extraordinary long life of Frederick Hillhouse, and taste American history along the way.

You'll never read anything quite like this.

David S. Larson

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