David S. Larson, author/screenwriter

An award-winning Fortune 500 marketing executive, David S. Larson wrote:

  • The Last Jewish Gangster: 1944-1969 The Early Years. 2016 Silver Award for Best Non-Fiction Biography from Readers Favorite International Book Competition. 2016 option to develop into a TV series with Larson attached as adviser and screenwriter. 2015 Conference Choice Award at 31st Annual SDSU Writers' Conf.

  • WEST: Journey Across the Plains. 2016 Honorable Mention for Best Historical Fiction from Readers Favorite International Book Competition. 2014 Peacemaker Award Finalist for Best Western Novel.

  • Mr. Meeks – a sequel/prequel to WEST: Journey Across the Plains. 2016 Honorable Mention for Best Tall Tale from Readers Favorite International Book Competition.

  • MAYDAY: A Collection of Short Stories.

  • A Silken Thread screenplay adaptation of a Brenda Jackson Novel (slated for production with Debbie Allen attached).

  • Savage Reprisal screenplay adaptation from an unpublished novella by Michael Gibbs.

  • Pit Stop original screenplay.

  • Ghostwrote a historical fiction fantasy novel.

  • Ghostwrote a bio/memoir of a boring man.


Larson lives in San Diego, California, where he currently works on:

  • The Last Jewish Gangster, The Last Years.

  • Bigger than Life, screenplay based on Cathy Scott's non-fiction book, The Murder of Biggie Smalls.

  • The Lamb's Pimp, an account of Larson's teen years raised by evangelical holy-rollers and his escape from their dogma.

  • Another Brick in the Wall, the biography of Reza, an Iranian rebel descended from royalty, who escaped the Ayatollah and came to America.

  • Child of Chernobyl, the biography of Regina, a Ukrainian girl, who loses her father to the world's worst nuclear meltdown, and comes to America where life is even harder.


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